vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

StimpStamp recipe. FYI; Godtier FOOD

Today I had some food called 'Stimpstamp.'
Typically dutch recipe which, ofcourse, includes perdaders.

0.2 litres of milk
1,5 kilos of potatoes
300 grammes of endive (andijvie in the Netherlands)
200 grammes of bacon/pork.
one spoon of mustard (optional)
one spoon of white vinegar
salt and pepper
butter to bake with

How to:

bake the bacon or pork in butter.
save the fat when you are done (that means seperate the bacon from the fat EpicMealTime style).
Cook the potaties and mash those suckers!
Heat the milk, but do not cook it. Now mix that milk with the mashed perdaders.
Now add the fat from the bacon, the bacon itself, (the mustard), and some salt and pepper.
Mix the entire mixture up till it looks like someone puked it out and it must be fine.
Now add the raw endive to the 'pukemixture' and you are ready to OMNOMNOM.

If you love meat you cut put in more bacon ofcourse.

Bon Appetit, lardasses!

- Iban -
pic related, it is stimpstamp ^^^^^

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  1. It looks really good, but personally the ingredients put me off